We understand the importance of building new capabilities.

We equip startups and established companies with the digital tools they need to achieve key business objectives such as adding competitive advantage and driving revenue growth.

We began Sakiso Digital with one focus: come up with approaches and tools that simplify digital transformation. We help companies use digital technology to improve performance, enhance customer and employee-engagement and ultimately drive revenue growth.

This is reinforced by our focus on transformation tools, customer engagement and transformation training to build and sustain new capabilities.

What We Stand For

Our Objectives

  • Create and adopt the tools our clients need to successfully carryout digital transformation
  • To cut through the clutter and offer a proven and science-based digital transformation framework.
  • Share insights learned from case studies, research and practical experience.
  • Help organisations use digital tools to connect with their clients
  • Use the right digital technologies to improve operations and customer experience.
  • Guide businesses in reinventing, redesigning, and re-imagining their business models to better reflect the needs of the digital consumer.


Create value by guiding and leading organisations and people in anticipating, pioneering and adopting innovative tools to solve operational and customer problems.


We help you come up with overall digital strategy and put in place applicable analytics.


We provide support all the way as you execute your digital strategy.


We have a solid framework and support structure designed for results.